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Long before the Chamber came to occupy the Carriage House adjacent to the former Cooper Mansion, this spot was a central gathering place for the residents of Salem. Built in 1903 on a 110-acre tract by coal operator Thomas Cooper, the mansion was a community centerpiece. Not only was it admired for its beauty and size, but the Coopers were adored for welcoming all area residents to enjoy their home as a gathering place.

After Cooper died, his 18-room former residence was used for community meetings until it was destroyed by fire in 1968. There’s a long legacy of this spot, which now includes a children’s playground, as being a place where people felt welcome, appreciated, and connected to each other.

Today, the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce remains a friendly, hospitable, and inclusive example of businesses supporting each other and the community. Membership is affordable. The benefits gained from participation are considerable. Come find out why this little Chamber has such a big impact on our area businesses and the communities they call home.

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