Purpose of EPIC

This professional development program is intended to build participants’ emotional intelligence in the area of self-awareness and will teach them how to be an integral, impactful participant in winning teams, as well as developing and growing key leadership skills to achieve desired results.

Program Topics

Leading with Intention


Using the DISC/Driving Forces assessment, the Adventurers will raise their self-awareness in the area of communication.


Adventurers will learn to recognize when they are creating drama and how to shift to proactive thinking and actions.


From decision making to collaboration for innovation, Adventurers will come to rely on a simple method that provides big impact.

Managing Priorities

Adventurers will learn to assess which areas of time management are and are not effective for them, and simple tools that allow them to manage multiple priorities based on their desired outcomes.

Building Trust

Adventurers will get a foundational understand of Conversational Intelligence® that will raise their self-awareness of how they are currently building and maintaining trust with others on their team(s).