The Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce introduced SRCC Community Currency in 2020 to assist in the recovery of our area merchants due to COVID-19. SRCC Community Currency is redeemable at any participating merchant. All merchants in Salem and the Roanoke Valley are invited to participate this year, and do not have to be a Chamber member.

Our goal is to encourage shopping local and bring new customers to your door!

SRCC Community Currency is available online at the portal below.   In addition, we offer a Corporate Buying Program.   The Salem-Roanoke County Chamber  is working to introduce this program to large local companies as part of their employee recognition and incentive programs, in addition to client and referral partner gifts. It’s an investment that both celebrates the hard work of their teams and also injects cash flow into our local economy.

Advertising opportunities exist on the printed certificate at reasonable rates. If you’d like to show your support of the charming and unique merchants that make our town special, please contact Beth Bell at or 540.387.0267 for details. 

Become a Participating Merchant

Sign up to accept SRCC Community Currency at your business. This is a community currency gift certificate program that sends customers to the doors of our Member Merchants. Anyone can buy it online and it’s very easy to use and redeem.  SRCC Community Currency is a great way to get extra publicity and bring new customers to your business. In addition, Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce works on your behalf to share this program with area large employers and groups traveling to the area.  Become a Merchant at the link below or call 540.387.0267.

Merchant FAQ’s

How to Buy SRCC Community Currency
  • Use the portal below to select certificate amounts and quantities. We recommend buying SRCC Community Currency in smaller increments in order to use at multiple merchant locations.
  • Order online and pay with a credit card.
  • You will receive two emails: a purchase receipt and an email containing PDFs of the certificates.
  • Email certificates to your recipients or print them at your home or office. When you email, this can be a completely “no-touch” transaction.
  • Each certificate will come with a complete list of participating merchants. Click the “View Participating Merchants” button below to see a current list.

If you would like to make a large purchase for employee recognition, incentives or client gifts, please contact the chamber for assistance. (540) 387-0267

Corporate Buying Program
  • Corporate buyers participate in supporting our small businesses and helping our community thrive by purchasing SRCC Community Currency for their employees and sales teams.
  • SRCC Community Currency also makes a great gift  for clients, customers, and referral partners to say Thank You! Food collection
  • Orders of $2,500 or more receive a 3% discount when paid by check.
  • To purchase with the Corporate Buying Program, contact us at 540.387.0267 or
  • For orders under $1000, please place your order on the portal on this page.

SRCC Community Currency Certificate Portal

Thank you to our sponsor, SERVPRO, for making it possible to offer this program at no cost to participating merchants.